Canadian Catholic Curriculum - Grade 10


 * Starred items have teacher's manuals available.

I suggest using the High School of Your Dreams and the Battle Planner to map out your high school curriculum.  The following are some suggestions:



  • YOUCAT Bible



  • DOCAT Study Guide



  • *Light to the Nations Volume 1
  • Canada: A People's History DVD 3 & 4 



  • World Literature and Answer Key
  • Jensen's Format Writing
  • Guide to Creative Book Reports



  • *Chemistry- Holt and McDougal Set
  •  Canadian Agricultural package check with your province’s website 



  • *Saxon Algebra 2              


 OTHER LANGUAGES                                 

  • Spanish Now! Level 2                                                     


  • Fourth Form Latin Student Text
  • Fourth Form Latin Student Workbook
  • Fourth Form Latin Teacher’s
  • Fourth Form Latin Pronunciation CD
  • Fourth Form Latin Tests
  • Fourth Form Latin DVD



  • Philosophy/Theology-   Human Person: Dignity Beyond Set
  • Philosophy/Theology-  Called to Happiness Set
  • Critical Editions: The Consolation of Philosophy and Study Guide
  • Generation Next: A Catholic Guide to Financial Freedom for Young Adults  
  •  Pilgrims of the Holy Family
  • Sign Language for Everyone 
  • The Complete Book of Speech Communication
  • Creative Communications: Thirty Writing, Speaking and Drawing Projects for Homeschoolers
  • Keyboarding for the Christian School
  • *Traditional Logic 2 Set



  • The Catholic Spirit: An Anthology for Discovering Faith Through Literature, Art, Film, and Music
  • How to Make a Movie
  • Praise Him with Your Very Life: A Collection of Plays



  • Divine Comedy Novel,  Student Book, Teacher's, Quizzes


  • Critical Editions: Hamlet  and  Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Julius Caesar and  Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: King Lear and  Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Macbeth and Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Romeo and Juliet and  Study Guide 
  • Critical Editions: A Tale of Two Cities and Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Dracula and Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Frankenstein and Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Great Expectations and Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Gulliver's Travels Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Huckleberry Finn and  Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Loss and Gain and  Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Mansfield Park and Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Moby Dick and  Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Pride and Prejudice  and  Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: The Confessions of Saint Augustine and Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: The Picture of Dorian Gray  and  Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: The Red Badge of Courage  and Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: The Scarlet Letter and Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Uncle Tom's Cabin  and Study Guide
  • Critical Editions: Wuthering Heights  and  Study Guide



  •  Critical Editions: Romantic Poets and  Wordsworth and Coleridge and Study Guide
  • *The Secret Code of Poetry and Workbook
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