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End of Summer Sale

All products are in our store but not on the website. They are sold on a first come first served basis. To order any of rhese products or to check if there are any still in stock, call 1-877-858-6833 .....


The High School Years 

Author: Laura Berquist
The high school years present a special challenge for homeschooling parents. Often the parents I speak to express real trepidation about homeschooling through high school. Since my own experiences homeschooling .....

Home Education Basics

Author: Michelle Bentley
Home based learning occurs within the home and the wider community in a relevant and timely manner.  Many families learning at home prefer the term "home learning" since they do not replicate school at home .....


Classical Education 

Author: Laura Berquist
Laura Berquist has kindly given us permission to print her lesson plans syllabi for the following subjects and grades. These are 32 week daily plans in each syllabus to incorporate and use the ideas introduced .....



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