The World Around You

The World Around You**

Grade Level: Elementary (4-6)
Author: Gary Parker
Publisher: Master Books/New Leaf Press
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With key facts, terms, and definitions throughout the text, lots of excellent illustrations, questions at the end of each chapter and an answer key, Exploring the World around You makes a wonderful supplement to any homeschool curriculum. Dr. Gary Parker takes the reader on a tour of the planet on which we live through the seven different terrestrial biomes: desert, grassland, deciduous forest, tropical rain forest, coniferous forest or taiga, tundra, and chaparral. On the tour Dr. Parker explains the ecosystems unique to each biome including the plant and animal habitats and the fragile coexistence and dependencies they share. Fascinating from cover to cover, every reader will come away with an enhanced knowledge and understanding of our planet and the interrelationships of its inhabitants.


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