The Costly Cookie Chronicles 9781935356554

The Costly Cookie Chronicles

Grade Level: Elementary (4-6)
Author: Julie Kelly
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Eleven-year old Clare wants to be a saint for Jesus, but there are a few things standing in her way: everything she says, does, and thinks. Well...not exactly, but almost. Clare finds surrendering her will to Jesus unbelievably hard, until a visiting priest shares an amazing secret during her church's parish mission.

In this sequel to Clare's Costly Cookie, Clare discovers the tender love of Mary, the transforming power of meditating on the life of Jesus through the Rosary, and the joy of contemplating with Mary the face of Christ. And in her delightfully candid way, Clare invites readers to walk the narrow road with her to Jesus through Mary. Illustrated. Softcover. 191 pgs. 5½"x8½"

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