Neighbours with a Difference  Coil-Bound Vid-e-Book 17018

Neighbours with a Difference Coil-Bound Vid-e-Book**

Grade Level: Elementary (4-6)
Publisher: Excellent Resources
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Suitable for Grades 5,6,7,8 +


Online videos offer teaching for each lesson.

The longest and friendliest border in the world separates two similar but unique neighbours. These quirks and interesting characteristics form the content for this series of writing lessons which allow teachers to improve student writing with Canadian content. Twenty-four weekly lessons incrementally teach the Blended Structure and Style models.

Easy-to-follow online teaching , source texts, video links, and checklists are included for grade 5-7 levels of students.


Handy reference guides and online teaching accompany this book to easily guide you through the 21 lessons.

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