Life Science for Young Catholics P-SC08-11

Life Science for Young Catholics

Grade Level: Junior High (7 - 8)
Publisher: Seton Press
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Life Science 8 for Young Catholics is an engaging, comprehensive life science program. Seton's newest Science book, it is filled with hundreds of high quality diagrams, photos, and illustrations. Written and reviewed by Catholic medical doctors, the well-designed presentation, using clear explanations and bright, colorful pictures, make even challenging concepts easy to understand! Section reviews and glossary modules throughout the text complement and reinforce the retention of ideas and concepts.
The first half of the book includes chapters on the Science and Chemistry of Life, beginning with the Cell and Single Celled Organisms, and progressing through Fungus, Plant, and Animal Kingdoms. The focus of the second half is human biology and contains chapters on the different systems in the human body including the Respiratory, Circulatory, and Digestive. The text is designed to prepare students for High School Biology and includes chapter reviews, crossword puzzles, a glossary, and an index. Answer Key in book. Copyright 2015. 8.5 x 11 inches. Full Color. Soft cover. 255 pp.

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