Jesse Box Diorama- Box and Wooden Figures JBD-O

Jesse Box Family Edition: Starter Set

Grade Level: All
Publisher: Ignatius Press
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Vatican letter supports Jesse Box for catechetical use. 

Bible stories come alive and engage children's imagination, attention and creativity with the Jesse Box. This wonderful interactive tool for children is a wonderful way for them to engage with the Bible and the many stories of salvation. One diorama and set of wooden props is used to set the stage for many colorful characters, props and figures of the Old and New Testaments. The Jesse Box can be a children's nativity set at Christmas, the battlefield for David and Goliath, the scene of the Exodus or Creation as well as the location for the Passover, the Last Supper and Mass.

The Jesse Box Home Starter Set is a special offer especially designed for parents to begin using the interactive Jesse Box diorama and Bible Story lessons without having to purchase the complete set all at once. The Jesse Box Home Starter Set has everything you need to reenact the Bible stories with your children and includes three popular Bible stories for the price of two.

The set includes the Jesse Box stage, a three part diorama, wooden figurines and Story Manuals which include lessons for each story with prayer, scripture reading, explanations and discussion questions, backgrounds and color cutouts for all the main characters and props particular to each story. Stories in this set are: Noah's Ark, The Nativity and Origins of the Eucharist. Each Story Manual has step by step instructions to make it easy on parents or an older sibling to guide the children in setting up the stage, cutting out the characters and delving into the Bible in a whole new way. And after telling the story, the children will love to continue to interact with the characters and diorama for days at a time.

A great tool and gift for the domestic church. Buy one Jesse Box diorama and use it for all the stories, year after year. Use it as a crèche at Christmas time; a setting for the Last Supper during Holy Week; the room of the apostles at Pentecost and throughout the year as you experience various stories from the Bible together, all while the children are having fun cutting out and moving the characters around.

This unique product is imported from Ireland, produced by Catholic families. To see it in action, visit

Currently there are seven Bible stories that go with the Jesse Box; each year more stories will be added. 

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery as this is a special order.

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