Brain Maths Volume 2 978-9-812719-72-0

Brain Maths Volume 2**

Grade Level: Elementary (4-6)
Author: Singapore
Publisher: Singapore Math
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Brain Maths Volume 2 is a series of two volumes which contain a wide selection of mathematical and logical problems that help one to develop one's critical and logical thinking skills.

Recommended for readers of 11 years old and above, Brain Maths Volume 2 aims not only to increase one's IQ power, but also to develop one's mental flexibility.

Using puzzles and brain-teasers, Brain Maths Volume 2 has challenges catering for a wide audience - from the average math pupil to the gifted mathlete (one who competes in mathematical contests and competitions).

Brain Maths Volume 2 offers enough challenges to meet the mathematical wants of motivated maths pupils, and also provides a good resource material for recreational mathematics lessons.
extract from the preface of Brain Maths (with permission from the publishers).

Brain Maths is ideal for home use. Answers are provided at the back of the books.


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