Seton Grade Eight

Grade Level:
Art Through Faith - Softcover 7264
by Mary Lynch
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Composition for Young Catholics 2012 P-EN08-22-14
by Seton Staff
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Seton Planner - Teacher Plan Book 7524
by Seton Staff
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Faith and Freedom: A Book of Friendliness Gr. 8-2 7254
by Brendan, Charlotte and Synon
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Spelling 8 for Young Catholics 7237
by Seton Home Study School Staff
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Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism # 2 - Grades 6-7-8 9780899422428
by Father Bennet C.P.
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The Hidden Treasure of Glaston 9781883937485
by Eleanore M Jewett
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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea 9780486448497
by Jules Verne
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Outlaws of Ravenhurst 9781939094070
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The Yearling 9780689846236
by Marjorie Kinnan Rowlings
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