Unit 1 Lesson Plans

Unit 1 - The Family

Table of Contents

Lesson 1                               Blessed Trinity- 3 Persons in 1 God

Lesson 2a (Devotion)             Infant Jesus of  Prague 

Lesson 2b Holy Family                 Mary, the Mother of God

Lesson 3    Mary, continued        The Rosary 

Lesson 4    Mary, continued       Why  we celebrate Mary's Feast days

Lesson 5    Holy Family                 Saint Joseph

Lesson 6a Canadian saint            Saint Andre Bessette

Lesson 6b Pilgrimage Site           St. Joseph's Oratory

Lesson 7a  Biblical Families Part 1    Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, Noah, Abram

Lesson 7b  Biblical Families Part 2   Abraham & Isaac, Jacob & Esau, Joseph

Lesson 8    Saintly Canadian family   Georges and  Pauline Vanier

Lesson 9    Saintly Canadian family  Jean Vanier

Lesson 10   Saintly Canadian family Cardinal  Leger

Lesson 11   Saintly Canadian family  Jules and Gabrielle  Leger

Lesson 12   Heavenly Family            Communion of Saints

Lesson 13   Justice & Mercy              Our Family

Lesson 14   Sacrament                       Baptism

Lesson 15   Works of Mercy             Visiting the  sick 

Lesson 16   Mission                            Cody`s Comfort  Kits  

Lesson 17   Canadian Art                 William  Kurelek

Lesson 18   Traditions                      Advent and Christmas Traditions

Prayer Sheets                                                             



Primary, Elementary, Middle School and High School levels are all contained in this one book.

Lesson Plans for a more complete curriculum are in a separate booklet and contain all four levels as well.

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